MUBG Specialty Gardens

MU has developed a number of specialty gardens for your enjoyment. Below, you will find a list of gardens, their locations, descriptions, and a printable pdf map.

Mizzou Botanic Garden Specialty Garden Scavenger Hunt

Engage in a walking tour of MUBG’s specialty gardens with this scavenger hunt, designed to be used year round. Use it as a guide for a contemplative solo walk through the beauty of the campus, as a learning activity or make it a friendly competition. Download and print the clues or use the interactive pdf online.


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Garden Map printable PDF

  1. Beetle Bailey Garden

  2. Siberian Iris Garden

  3. Asiatic & Oriental Lily Garden

  4. Peony Garden

  5. Hardy Geranium Garden

  6. Coneflower Garden

  7. Perennial Phlox Garden

  8. Rothwell Garden

  9. Eighth Street Circle Garden

  10. Jefferson Garden

  11. Triangle Floral Display Gardens

  12. Marilyn Lacey McMullen Memorial Garden

  13. Memorial Union Annual Flower Gardens

  14. Ellis Perennial Garden

  15. Arts and Sciences Mall Display Garden

  16. Discovery Garden

  17. Native Missouri Tree Collection

  18. Butterfly Garden

Tree Trails

The trails, located within USDA Hardiness Zone 6, consist of three loops — the Jesse Hall Loop, through the historic Francis Quadrangle; the Lowry Mall Loop, centered on Ellis Library; and the Memorial Union Loop, which meanders among early 20th century limestone buildings.

Trees on each loop are identified by 4" x 6" black, aluminum plaques at the base of the tree. The links below will lead you to the trail maps and tree descriptions.

Trail Maps

Jesse Hall Loop

Lowry Mall Loop

Memorial Union Loop

Points of Interest

Amelanchier canadensis