Tribute Trees

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A tree is a living legacy, an investment that appreciates in size and beauty. A gift of a tree is a profoundly thoughtful and enduring way of honoring or commemorating a graduate, alum, parent, retiring member of the university's faculty or staff, an organization or special event. A 5"x8" bronze plaque alongside the tree gratefully acknowledges your gift and the honoree. Your gift also provides for the tree's continued care and enriches Mizzou's botanical education resources. Many different species are needed for different locations on campus. Our landscape architects will gladly assist you in your selection.


Tribute Tree: $2,500-$5,000 each (Price varies depending on species, size and location)


Jeff McGinn
Lead Annual Giving Officer



Tribute Tree Scavenger Hunt

Tribute Tree Scavenger Hunt


Use the scavenger hunt as a guide for a contemplative solo walk through the beauty of the campus, as a learning activity or make it a friendly competition. Download and print the clues or use it as an interactive PDF online.


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