Don Hollingsworth Peony Collection




1. Bethie

Early mid-season bloom with semi-double, large flowers that open in shades of light pink with three to four rows of broad outer petals around a band of smaller inner segments and a pair of red tipped carpels in the center. The color is most saturated in the depths of the flower and lightens outward to tips of the petals. The bush is medium height, vigorous and dependable with one flower per stem presented a few inches above the foliage.

Garden Gem2. Garden Gem

Mid- to late-season bloom with five-inch blooms, which consist of dense white petals surrounding prominent center of bright, light yellow and narrow staminodes. Plant habit is outstanding, combining strong stems and season long retention of foliage quality. Height at maturity is 30 to 34 inches. The leaflets remain green and healthy into late summer.




Virginia Emerson3. Virginia Emerson

Early mid-season bloomer with one five- to six-inch fully double flower per stem though sometimes semi-double on younger plants or smaller stems. Broad guard petals surround the narrower inner petals, light pink throughout, fading to silver at the tips when mature.. The medium height plant is vigorous in growth, with luxuriant bluish foliage



Gena Marie4. Gena Marie

Early mid-season bloom with fragrant, fully double flowers that open in shades of pink with pigmentation more saturated in the heart of the flower grading lighter outward in shades of light pink to blush. One flower per stem is presented a few inches above the foliage, which is vigorous and dependable on a medium height bush.



Summer Glow5. Summer Glow

Mid-season bloom with fully double, very large flower that opens peach color infused with yellow shades. The yellow pigments are more dense towards the center with the color passing to cream as the flower matures. Much admired for its unusual color. Large petals grade smaller inward. Good plant habit with a stout, medium height.



Spring Sun6. Spring Sun

Early blooming fully double fragrant flowers open a clear bright yellow. The pigments are even and clean throughout the bloom with durable color eventually transitioning pale to nearly cream. Generously furnished with broad outer petals that surround rows of smaller segments. The inner petals meander and loop in an intricate pattern. Excellent, vigorous plant habit with dark green foliage. Considered by Don Hollingsworth as one of his best cultivars.

Ring of Fire7. Ring of Fire

Mid-season bloom with single, large flower that opens fire engine red, with nearly semi-double form. Nicely formed, cupped petals enclose a ring of red filaments and bright yellow stamens, which in turn surround a center of red-tipped, sulfur yellow carpels. Good plant with medium height



Heather8. Heather

Early bloom with fully double fragrant blooms that open in shades of apricot, darker at opening and in

the depths of the flower, the color paling when exposed to sunlight. Guard petals are rounded and cupped surrounding inner petals which encircle a narrow collar of stamens, which in turn surrounds the outer petals of the inner flower. A substantial bush.